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Fab Information System "FF-eSERVE"


As one of Fujitsu Semiconductor wafer foundry services, Fujitsu Semiconductor offers fab information through "FF-eSERVE" system, which is a fab information system.
Any type of data is provided to satisfy customers' business through FF-eSERVE and you can acquire full of updated data of wafer process.
URL of FF-eServe is provided to the customer after the contract.

Information Category
| Production Information | Quality Information | Design & Technical Information | General Information & Tools |

Production Information

  • Order Status
    offers current order status based on customers' order information such as an order date, order qty, requested delivery date, promised delivery date, backlog qty, etc.
  • Shipping
    offers shipping information such as shipping date, shipping amount, good die qty, lot number, wafer number, etc. Flight information is provided for shipment abroad.
  • WIP
    offers lot data which is on work-in-process. We can provide progress status on processing qty, stage name, progress rate, complete schedule date, Wafer No, etc. It is updated in every 30 minutes so that you can look at real-time information.
  • Lot History
    offers a list of input/output information on each process from the lot processing through shipment.
    offers process status of mask (reticle) making. We can provide later/suffix, current status, etc.

Quality Information

  • WAT Report
    offers wafer measurement data (PCM monitor results). We can provide coordinate value for each wafer; each measurement list includes the specification, average, minimum, maximum and standard variation.
  • Wafer MAP
    offers wafer-sort test results in a wafer forms (map). We can provide yield rate for each wafer and can provide pass/fail information with each category.
  • Bin Summary
    offers wafer-sort test results which are provided by category. We can provide a measurement date, test step (stage) and a number of failures on visual inspection, etc.
  • Easy Download
    offers a zip file including quality information set of multiple lots.

Design & Technical Information

  • Technology doc. and IP Library
    offers tools to download technology documentation and to provide IP macro and libraries.
  • File Sharing
    offers a tool to share files between you and us. You can make folders and download/upload any files. Available volume is up to 200MB per person or more on a request basis.

General Information & Tools

  • Factory Calendar
    offers a business calendar for each factory. (holidays are given, not factory operating dates)
  • Environment
    offers change system environment; exchange English and Japanese languages, save search conditions, switch to other groups.
  • Others
    Change passwords, search FAQs and download operation manuals in PDF files.

Providing methods & Formats

  • File download for each information
    You can download data from any screens according to customers' search conditions.
  • Providing "Wafer Map" in SEMI format
    We can provide wafer map of wafer-sort tests in a SEMI format supported by the SEMI organization as an international standard of semiconductor industry.
  • Shipping notice e-mail
    offers shipped lot information by e-mail. Shipment status is updated in every 2 hours, and data will be delivered to you with order no., lot no., number of wafers, good die qty, yield rate etc.
  • Transfer data via FTP server
    We can provide any kind of data in the FF-eSERVE by FTP in a requested time.