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R&D Initiatives

Fujitsu Laboratories supports the Fujitsu Group's brand promise "shaping tomorrow with you", with leading-edge technologies.

Human-Centric Innovation Leveraging people, information, and infrastructure to generate innovation. People: Human Empowerment Connect people and empower. Information: Creative Intelligence Create knowledge from information. Infrastructure: Connected Infrastructure Optimize business and social infrastructure.

Human Empowerment

People: Human Empowerment

Generating technologies to optimally and flexibly enhance people's real-time decision-making and activities in accordance with user circumstances, by innovatively leveraging mobile devices and other ICT

Creative Intelligence

Information: Creative Intelligence

We are conducting R&D on technologies that create new knowledge by analyzing massive volumes of information, while ensuring the credibility and security of the information

Connected Infrastructure

Infrastructure: Connected Infrastructure

We are conducting R&D for the purpose of providing ICT environments that connect everything―people, information, and things―and optimize business and social infrastructure, and that can adapt to changes with flexibility and agility

Common Foundation

Common Foundation

In pursuit of greater technological capabilities, quality and reliability, and environmental consciousness, we engage in R&D of core technologies to support Fujitsu's 3 dimensions of innovation encompassing: people, information, and infrastructure