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Embedded Equipment IoT Products/Services (Fujitsu Electronics Products)

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It introduces the product and the service of the Fujitsu semiconductor group company.

Fujitsu Electronics Products News

Embedded Equipment IoT Products

Fujitsu Electronics

FUJITSU Embedded System F-Cue

"F-Cue" is a compact CPU board compliant with 96BoardsTM specifications, and equipped with Socionext's MB86S71 high performance ARM processor.
F-Cue is an optimal platform for creating embedded systems for a variety of goals and applications, ready to be used broadly, from field testing scenarios to commercial operations.

IoT embedded mobile Gateway

"IoT embedded mobile gateway" realizes low cost IoT solution.
It sends sensing data over 3G, WLAN or BLE to a cloud server.

WisReed Communication Module (IoT Solution)

WisReed communication module can build large-scale mesh network easily and realizes reliable data arrival.

  • Communication module
    • MSB1401-EAC
      MSB1401-EAC is a communication module working by control from external equipment.
    • MSB1402
      MSB1402 has user application domain and WisReed network middleware in BP35A1(RHOM Semiconductor Product).
  • Evaluation kit
    • Sensor network evaluation kit
      Included in the Wireless Sensor Network Evaluation Kit
    • 5 WisReed Communications Module(One gateway node, four sensor nodes)
    • Route-display tool (software)
    • Accessories (5 each of antennae, battery boxes, sensor-interface cables; 1 PC I/F cable, RSIL interface sample program, manual)

Data Compression Software

Data compression software uses a compression method developed by Fujitsu Laboratories LTD., so this is a product you can use with confidence for business in terms of patent issues with compression algorithms, operation guarantees, quality, maintenance, and support.

  • Compression encryption software
  • Data compression library /Data encryption library

Embedded Systems
ECHONET Lite Adapter Solution

Adoption of the ECHONET Lite protocol is spreading to promote the efficient use of energy.
The ECHONET Lite adapter solution is a service for realizing early market introduction at low cost for ECHONET Lite compatible equipment.

Embedded Equipment IoT Services

Fujitsu Electronics

We handle products and services other than those of the Fujitsu Semiconductor Group.

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Fujitsu Electronics

We propose the best systems by combining our wealth of constituent technologies and provide total services covering everything from system development to mass production.

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