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Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products

The Fujitsu Semiconductor Group is actively engaged in the development and manufacturing of eco-friendly products through compliance with all related legislation.

REACH Regulations

To this end, we inform you below of the REACH Candidate List and the Authorization List (Annex XIV)

EU RoHS Directive

We therefore would like to inform you about our RoHS Directive1 (effect as from January 3, 2013) response below.

China RoHS

We therefore would like to inform you about our China RoHS (电器电子产品有害物质限制使用管理办法) response below.

Super Green Products

Fujitsu Group authorizes the products that are in Top group Level of the environmental factors such as "Energy conservation", "3R Design and Technology", "Non-use of hazardous substances", and "Environment contribution material and Technology" as "Super-green products".
For the contribution to protection of rich global environment with a customer, We Fujitsu Semiconductor develops the eco-friendly "super green products" in LSI.