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IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Overview of Fujitsu Semiconductor Group IoT solutions

Fujitsu Semiconductor Group provides technology supporting the IoT

Device Solutions


System Memory

Fujitsu Semiconductor

Other Handled Products

Fujitsu Electronics

  • Fujitsu Electronics sales centers are here 

Development and Service


Fujitsu Electronics

  • FUJITSU Embedded System F-Cue
  • IoT embedded mobile Gateway
  • WisReed communication modules
  • Data compression software
  • ECHONET Lite adapter solution for embedded systems
  • Contract design services
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300mm Advanced Technology and Foundry Services

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor

150mm/200mm Matured Technology and Foundry Services

Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor

List of Fujitsu Semiconductor Group Businesses

LSI Products

Overview of FRAM, ReRAM, NRAM, and other products handled by Fujitsu Semiconductor Group.

IoT Solutions

Overview of device solutions employing technology, products, and services to support IoT.

Foundry Services

Overview of our highly reliable technology and services based on our mature process technology, production technology, foundry business support organization, continuous quality assurance activities, and improvement of QCD (Quality Cost Delivery) through production renovation activities.


We offer an broad line-up of products from the Fujitsu Group, and other domestic and overseas manufacturers. From design support to logistics, we provide the best solutions to various needs.