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On March 1st 2015, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited transferred its System LSI business to Socionext Inc.
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Quickly Responding to Fast-Changing Customer Needs

Memory that is Optimally Suited to Smart Societies

While resource reduction, green procurement, and cost savings are being promoted throughout the entire system through energy conservation and ecomeasures, energy saving is also required in the memory devices that make up the system. In order to meet this need, we are providing FRAM memories which have the features of fast write speed, high read/write cycle endurance of 10 trillion times, and low power consumption.

Highly Reliable Technology and Services to Customers All Over the World

We are able to deliver highly reliable technology and services to customers all over the world based on the process technologies that we have built up over many long years, our manufacturing technology, our foundry business support organization, our continuous quality assurance activities, and an improvement of QCD (Quality Cost Delivery) through the introduction of production revolutionizing activities.
150mm/200mm Foundry services
300mm Foundry services

Global Support of Global Customers

Starting with Fujitsu Semiconductor, we propose a large line-up of products from domestic and international manufacturers. From design support to logistics, we provide optimal solutions to various needs in a timely manner. We support customers all over the world.
Fujitsu Electronics Inc.