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Human Building in the Anthropocene Age

Creating Next Generation Pioneers

10th Topos Conference


The Topos Conference Series was started as a 10 conference series intended to act as a forum for the dynamic collaboration of various kinds of knowledge. Conferences 1 to 9 have stayed true to that intent, calling together wise leaders from around the globe and fostering interdisciplinary dialogues to contribute to solving world issues, supporting intellectual and practical collaborations between researchers and industry leaders, and forming a human network to continue driving such enterprises. Starting with the future of computer science, we have visited topics including innovation within communities, national security, and the future of capitalism, always examining from many perspectives how humanity can live intelligently in the 21st century, and how we can continue to create a desirable future.

Rounding off this series of 10 conferences, we have chosen the topic of “Human Building in the Anthropocene Age”, in which we will consider how to form people in the next generation and discuss future-oriented training and education.

“Anthropocene”, or the age of man, denotes that humanity has adversely affected the balance of the Earth’s dynamic systems, and we are in an age of global danger. In order to avoid this danger and thrive, we must look at things and act based on a global perspective. This means that, as we have discussed in previous Topos conferences, everyone must embody the concept of “phronetic leaders” and constantly work together for the greater good.

Over the conference series we have touched on the fundamentals of practical wisdom and how to teach them to others. At this milestone 10th conference, we have invited Japan’s pre-eminent phenomenologist and philosopher Ichiro Yamaguchi to join Topos co-founder Ikujiro Nonaka in discussing the concepts of “intersubjectivity” and “embodiment”—the first steps of practical wisdom and knowledge creation— as they illuminate the source of humanity’s ethics and morals, as well as its passion and belief.

Building on this first collaborative session, the second session will feature a presentation by Maekawa Manufacturing, famous for its efforts in European Living Labs, “society without retirement age”, and “Wakei Juku.” This session will look at creating an environment for cultivating personnel to lead the next generation and blaze a trail into the future, especially through building bonds in society and within corporations.

The final session will examine efforts to expand the unlimited potential of humans, from a Noh performer who uses Noh method to support autistic children, to an education professor who warns of the limits of education systems in schools and companies, to a corporate executive who rediscovered the benefits of the master-apprentice system. All of these wise leaders will join in on the discussion of how humanity should comport itself in the 21st century: a discussion befitting this 10th and final Topos.

We hope that this conference will allow us all to reconsider the meaning of “management is a way of life”. We look forward to your attendance.

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Date &


Thursday, June 30, 2016 — 13:20 to 20:30 (doors open 12:20)

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F, Academy Hills Tower Hall

Address: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Map] Phone:03-6406-6649


w3i (World Wise Web Initiative)

Sponsors: TKC Group Limited

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company

Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.

Co-sponsors: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Fujitsu Research Institute, Ltd. (FRI)

Admission JPY20,000 (tax incl.)

Japanese, English (simultaneous interpretation)


The 10th Topos Conference has ended. Our thanks to all the attendees and participants.


※Subject to change

13:20-13:30 Prologue
13:30-15:00 Dialogue session 1: Human Evolution and Embodiment
***Special Dialogue: Ikujiro Nonaka & Ichiro Yamaguchi***
15:00-16:20 Dialogue session 2: Creating the Next Generation in Society
16:20-16:35 Intermission
16:35-18:00 Dialogue session 3: The Future of Youths in Japan


Ikujiro Nonaka

18:30-20:30 Networking Session


※Speakers subject to change; honorifics omitted for brevity; listed alphabetically

Toshiteru Akiyama
秋山 利輝氏

Furniture craftsman and representative

Akiyama Woodworking Group

Jose Ramón Capdevila

Head of Football Administration

Real Madrid CF

Yuki Honda
本田 由紀氏

Professor of education

University of Tokyo

Graduate School

Hank Kune



Founding Partner

Future Center Alliance

Masao Maekawa
前川 正雄氏


Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Managing Director

Wakei-Juku Foundation

Ichiro Yamaguchi
山口 一郎氏

Philosopher and Professor Emeritus

Toyo University

Noboru Yasuda
安田 登氏

Noh performer

Shimogakari Hosho School

Jan Staman

(Video Message)


Executive Director

Staman Consultancy

Former Managing Director

Rathenau Institute

Tatsuya Tanaka

(Video Message)

田中 達也氏

Representative Director and President

Fujitsu Ltd.


Sayaka Tsuzuki

TV Caster  

Noboru Konno

Professor, Tama Graduate School of Business  

Co-founder, w3i
Ikujiro Nonaka
野中 郁次郎

Professor emeritus, Hitotsubashi University  

Co-founder, w3i

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