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Hiroshi Takahashi, Research Fellow

Hiroshi Takahashi

Research Fellow

Research Interest

  • Electricity Market Reform
  • Energy Policy, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid



  • Ph.D. (The University of Tokyo)
  • MA in Law and Diplomacy (The Fletcher School, Tufts University)


2014 Lecturer, Sophia Univerrcity
2012 Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office
2012 Special Advisor to the Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture
2012 A Member of Advisory Panel for Power System Reform, METI (Up to present)
2011 A Member of Advisory Panel for Energy Basic Plan, METI
2009 Research Fellow, Fujitsu Research Institute (Up to present)
2007 Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2000 Deputy Director, IT Policy Office, Cabinet Secretariat
1993 Sony Corporation

Recent Books, Articles and Presentations

  • "Conflictive Issues of Energy Policy after 3.11," Public Debate on the Innovative Strategy for Energy and the Environment, Sophia Univerrcity Press, 2014 (in Japanese)
  • "Unbundle Power Grid to introduce renewable energy intensively," The New Energy Concept After 3.11, Nikkei Publishing, 2011 (in Japanese)
  • Market Liberalization of Electric Utilities : Why do we need unbundling of power grid after 3.11 ?, Nikkei Publishing, 2011 (in Japanese)
  • The Politics of Technological Innovation: The Political Process of Information and Communication Revolution, Keiso-shobo, 2009 (in Japanese)
  • "Organizational Expansion of Cabinet Secretariat: From Cainet Meeting Staff to Policy Coordinator," Transforming Japanese Politics: Understanding Changes from the 1990s, Keiso-shobo, 2009 (in Japanese)
  • “Roles of Advisory Councils in the Japanese politics led by Prime Minister: a case of the IT Strategy Council,” Journal of Public Policy Studies, 8 , 2008 (in Japanese)
  • “Transformation of intra-ministry resource allocation of MPT and MITI: in pursuit of Information Society, ” Journal of Japanese Political Studies, 4(2), 2007 (in Japanese)

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