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Fujitsu Electronics Signed a Distribution Agreement with EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.

Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

Yokohama, September 28, 2017

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (referred as Fujitsu Electronics) *1 and EverPro Technologies Company Ltd. (referred as EverPro) *2 have signed a Distribution Agreement globally with all EverPro products including Active Optical Cable (AOC) which is World’s top level communication performance, quality and bending strength.

EverPro is a joint venture based by Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (referred as YOFC) *3, the world's No. 1 optical fiber production volume and VIA Technologies, Inc. (referred as VIA) *4, proven in x86, ARM, high speed IO device design.

About AOC

AOC is an optical fiber cable equipped with a high-performance photoelectric conversion engine *5, the bending strength had greatly improved by adopting EverPro's BendRobust™ Fiber.

At EverPro, we consistently carry out all the processes from development, manufacturing and shipment of AOC mounted with ICs and modules.

Currently, copper metal cables of USB and HDMI I/F are adopted for various products such as monitor, 4K/8K compatible TV, transmitter/receiver, VR, advanced medical equipment, signage, projector, factory automation, and Machine Vision.

In the future, as the resolution of image and video data increases, the amount of transmission data increases, and cables that support high-speed data transmission and reception becomes necessary for these applications. A great demand is expected for AOC as a solution that can solve three problems such as (1) long distance, (2) noise tolerance, and (3) increasing bit rate and frame rate.

Fujitsu Electronics will provide all products including EverPro’s AOC for not only customers in Japan but customers around the world by using our own overseas offices.

In addition, we handle not only high-performance AOC but also all products such as EverPro's HUB and dedicated LSI sales, and provide customers with extensive technical support with our experience in the device field.

Features of AOC

HDMI 2.0
  • HDMI2.0 AOC – Supports long distance up to 100m
  • Long distance HDMI was achieved by Fiber Cable
    (high speed Clock and Data transmission)
  • Hybrid with copper wire realizes simultaneous transfer of other Side Band signals including DDC
  • Compatible with 4K @ 60Hz UHD Display
  • No external power source required
USB 3.0 Hybrid
  • USB3.0 Hybrid AOC – Supports long distance up to 50m
  • World's First Active Optical Cable + Coaxial Hybrid Cable
  • Power supply available – 5V / 900mA
  • High Speed compatible – 5Gbps
  • USB3.0 conversion are supported
    USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 Device ⇒ USB 3.0
  • No external conversion adapter required
Display Port
  • Display Port Cable – Suppors long distance up to 50m
  • Compatible with DP1.4 standard
  • Supports 8K @ 60Hz UHD Display
  • With mechanical lock for prevention of mating and mating detachment
  • No external power source required

About EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.

EverPro is an AOC solution provider that was established as a joint venture between YOFC and VIA in 2013, located its head quarter in the Wuhan East Lake high-tech zone in China.

YOFC is the world's No. 1 optical fiber and cable provider in Wuhan, China. VIA is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer in high-speed IO devices such as x86, ARM, SoC, USB and built-in boards.

EverPro utilizes YOFC's optical fiber, cable design & manufacturing know-how and VIA's semiconductor technology, and handles all AOC cables regardless of protocols.

Comment from EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.  CEO Tom Tang

EverPro's AOC technology can realize and provide ultra-high-speed interconnection by ultra-high-resolution video/audio, now-popular 4K/8K HDR device, VR product and more to consumers all over the world.

EverPro is exhilarated by having Fujitsu Electronics as a global strategic partner and look forward to discovering better and shaping tomorrow of interconnection together.

Glossary and Notes

[1] Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

HQ Kanagawa, Japan   President and Representative Director Junji Ogihara

[2] EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.

HQ Wuhan, China   CEO Tom Tang

[3] Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company

HQ Wuhan, China   Executive Director and President Zhuang Dan

[4] VIA Technologies, Inc.

HQ New Taipei City, Taiwan   Chairman and CEO Wenchi Chen

[5] Photoelectric conversion engine

Converts optical signal to electric signal or/and IC and circuit for converting electric signal to optical signal

About Fujitsu Electronics

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. has the mission of delivering optimal devices for solving customers’ problems globally. Customer design challenges are addressed by the combination of Fujitsu Semiconductor Group companies’ solution, the broad range of Fujitsu Group companies' products, and a powerful product lineup from manufacturers around the world. Together these companies utilize leading-edge technologies and a strong presence in world-wide customers.
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Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
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TEL: 045-415-5830 (Direct)

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Date: 28 September, 2017
City: Yokohama
Company: Fujitsu Electronics Inc.