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Fujitsu Electronics Signed a Distribution Agreement with Crocus Technology, Inc.

Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

Yokohama, November 08, 2018

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (Fujitsu Electronics) *1 and Crocus Technology Inc. (Crocus) *2 have signed a Distribution Agreement for all Crocus products, including TMR*3 sensor products which are the latest devices in magnetic technology, providing high-sensitivity, low-power consumption and stable performance over a wide operating temperature range.


Crocus is a leading company in the magnetic sensor industry with a large patent portfolio. Compared to Hall effect, AMR*4 and GMR*5 sensors, Crocus’s TMR sensors achieve higher-sensitivity, lower-power consumption and stable performance over a wide temperature range. Crocus TMR sensors achieve 0.9 mT sensitivity and 200 nA power consumption which is top of the class in the industry.

While many of the controls in automotive and industrial equipment currently use magnetic sensors, the need for highaccuracy and lowpower consumption is increasing because of the number of applications driven by automated driving assistance systems (ADAS) and IoT market growth.

Crocus TMR sensors provide high-sensitivity, excellent linearity, and stable performance over a wide temperature range, enabling solutions for current challenges and innovative product development. In addition, Crocus provides flexible business models (product customization, wafer supply, and licensing) for its customers.

Fujitsu Electronics handles all of Crocus’s products, including magnetic switches, current sensors, and rotational angle sensors in the TMR sensor line-up in Japan. Fujitsu Electronics has the technological strength,cultivated over many years, and sales sites in many countries that enables it to provide timely product supply and detailed support to its customers.

About Crocus Technology, Inc.

Crocus Technology develops and supplies magnetic sensors and embedded memory solutions based on its patented TMR sensor technology, the Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU™). Crocus’s magnetic sensors bring significant advantages to industrial and consumer electronic applications requiring high sensitivity, stable temperature performance, low power and low cost. Crocus is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has offices in Grenoble, France and Beijing and Shenzhen, China. For more information, please visit 

Comment from Crocus Technology Mr. Zack GM

“Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI) signed an agreement with Crocus Technology Inc. (Crocus), a leader in the Tunnel Magneto-Resistance (TMR) sensing technology, to become a key distributor of TMR sensor products in the Japanese marketplace. FEI who is a leading semiconductor products distributor in Japan, with a strong and established presence in supporting OEM’s, is the ideal partner for Crocus’s cutting-edge magnetic sensor products.  The partnership will enable FEI to bring advanced magnetic sensor solutions to the Japanese electronic market while enabling Crocus to expand its market presence and proliferate its high performance TMR sensor products to the industrial, enterprise, medical and consumer markets. FEI’s expertise in illustrating the value proposition of Crocus’ TMR sensor solutions will help fuel rapid revenue growth for both organizations over the next 3 years.  The partnership between Crocus and FEI arrives at the perfect time as Crocus accelerates its growth by expanding its product portfolio beyond the TMR latch products and into linear, angular and current sensing applications that will reach an approximate TAM of over $5.4 billion USD in CY2023.”

Associated site

Fujitsu Electronics Crocus products webpage 

Fujitsu Electronics website 

Crocus website


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Glossary and Notes

[1] Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

HQ Kanagawa, Japan   President and Representative Director Junji Ogihara

[2] Crocus Technology Inc.

HQ Santa Clara, US CEO Michel Desbard

[3] TMR

Tunnel Magneto Resistance effect

[4] AMR

Anisotropic Magneto Resistance effect

[5] GMR

Giant Magneto Resistance effect

Customer Contact

Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
Global Partners Business Promotion Division
TEL: 045-415-5830 (Direct)

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Date: 08 November, 2018
City: Yokohama
Company: Fujitsu Electronics Inc.