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Compare Warranty & Service Plans: Personal Scanners: Middle East

Enhanced Service Plans are currently available in: Bahrain, Iraq*, Jordan*, Kuwait, Lebanon*, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen*

* Limitations apply

Download Service Datasheet for Middle East customers

Warranty plans for ScanSnap S1300i

Applicable Models:

  • ScanSnap S1300i

Warranty plans for ScanSnap iX500

Applicable Models:

  • ScanSnap iX500

Warranty plans for ScanSnap S1100i, iX100, SV600

Applicable Models:

  • ScanSnap S1100i
  • ScanSnap iX100
  • ScanSnap SV600

Consumables and Cleaning kits are not included and should be purchased separately by the customer according to usage.

1Standard Warranty Included in the purchase price of the product.

2Upgrades to 3 years (​S1100i, iX100, ​SV600), 4 years (S1300i) or 5 years (iX500) available on new scanners at time of scanner purchase or within 30 days of purchase, upgrades the warranty.

3Within 3-4 days in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Yemen.


Advance Exchange: The scanner will be permanently replaced with a fully refurbished ‘As new’ scanner of the same model.
Advance Exchange+: The scanner will be temporarily replaced with a fully refurbished ‘As new’ scanner of the same model. Your scanner will be repaired at the repair center and delivered back to you afterwards. The temporary scanner will be collected and returned to Fujitsu.