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Connected Hospitality

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Hospitality vs Retail

We understand the different challenges that hospitality organisations face despite the strong similarities to classic retailers. Both types of organisations still strive for efficiency, security, growth and a strong sense of customer experience but executed using different methods of technology for their own audiences.

We also recognise the increasing importance that hospitality is taking within the retail space, where stores are now hosting bars, coffee shops, restaurants and even other stores through brand partnerships. All these challenges bring about different technology requirements for hospitality organisations who often pride themselves firstly on having a consistent and high quality customer experience.

Fujitsu can drive growth, build efficiency and develop a connected customer experience in your Hospitality organisations, with:

  • WiFi – helping you to improve your transactional processes
  • Engagement analytics – monitoring your customers behaviour to later engage and communicate with them
  • Connected products – using products such as POS and Tablets to bring about a enhanced user experience for your staff and colleagues
  • Managed services - ensuring your tills are never down, improving productivity and enhancing efficiency

Fujitsu have been working with some of the largest hospitality organisations both in the UK and across the globe.

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