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Storage software

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage software products optimally integrated and tested with our device and solution portfolio to make efficient use of your storage base.

ETERNUS SF - Storage Management Software ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software

The ETERNUS SF storage management software is the uniform management solution for the entire ETERNUS DX series. All essential operations for storage resource management, monitoring, reporting, tiered storage, performance management, disaster resilience and business continuity are integrated. The uniform management for the entire storage infrastructure covers all ETERNUS DX series from entry-level through the high-end as well as virtualized server infrastructures.


Reporting and Monitoring for performance and capacity in large scale ETERNUS DX/ETERNUS AF and virtual machine environments.


ETERNUS SF KM is a product that manages authentication keys more securely on a server connected to the ETERNUS DX/ETERNUS AF with networks. It reduces management costs and minimizes the risk of information leakage by managing those authentication keys in an external server apart from the ETERNUS DX/ETERNUS AF.

ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor Features

ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor provides you with automated disk usage monitoring, collection and accumulation functions, across entire services and databases.
Its threshold monitoring ability and early warning capability solve the problems of degraded service and interruptions due to insufficient space resources. In addition, the real-time storage space information view and reporting functions provide you with insights into storage use, trend analysis and problem prediction; ensuring early deployment of the right resolution strategies that will ensure you maintain stable infrastructure operation.

ETERNUS Multipath Driver ETERNUS Multipath Driver

ETERNUS Multipath Driver supports redundant access paths and load balancing capability between systems for higher operational reliability and greater performance.