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Recovery Solution

Recovery Solution |  Recovery Process |  Frequently Asked Questions on Recovery CD |

( Notebook, Desktop & Tablet PCs )

Fujitsu PCs strongly support efforts within the software industry to combat piracy, as it helps ensure that customers may confidently buy legal software.

When you acquire your new Fujitsu PC, you will be provided with an option that allows you to recover the genuine Microsoft® operating system originally preinstalled on your machine.

Sample Recovery CD

All of the recovery solutions will address the extremely rare instances of failure due to operating system file corruption or modification or hardware failure. Neither do these options limit your ability to add or remove new hardware and software to your PC, nor make a backup copy of the operating system.

The following is the recovery media option provided by Fujitsu PCs:

  • CD Media - This "recovery CD" is clearly marked with the PC Manufacturer's brand and is only meant to be used on the PC you purchased. The purchase package will include the CD Media which provides you with the necessary files to restore the operating system on the PC.

All Fujitsu PCs that are preinstalled with a genuine Microsoft Windows operating system will have a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the PC chassis. For more details please click here.

Please read the instructions carefully before performing any recovery options. Click here to learn about the recovery process.

If you have further questions about the systems recovery option that is available with your machine, please contact:

Be Sure Its Legal.

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