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Frequently Asked Questions on Recovery CD

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 1.0 General Questions

 This section contains basic and general questions on recovery solution.


1. What is Recovery CD?

The Recovery CD contains a copy of operating system preloaded with your computer. It is used to restore your operating system files.

2. What options are available?

When you start recovery process, there are two options to choose.
  1. Recover without Format
  2. Format and Recover Hard Drive

Option a is selected by default and it will not erase the content of the hard disk.
Option b is destructive and will erase all the content on the hard drive.


3. Under what circumstances recovery process need to be carried out?

You only need to perform recovery when you encounter critical operating system failures. The following are check list to help you troubleshot the problem before attempt to perform recovery:
  1. Software or application errors- Check your software/application user’s manual or documentation to find out the error messages. Remove the particular application and do a clean installation may help. If it is a third party software, consult your vendor or look for latest information or patches from the vendor’s website.
  2. Driver not installed properly or accidentally deleted–Try to re-install the driver. Check the information in the driver CD or check the website for latest driver updates.
  3. Minor operating system error and you are able to use the system - Contact Fujitsu service center for technical advice.
  4. Your system is infected by virus-Use the anti-virus program to clean the virus. Note that performing a recovery process on a virus-infected hard drive is not the correct measures to remove viruses.

4. Pre-cautious before performing recovery

Always choose Recover without format option when you perform recovery. This will ensure the data in the hard disk is retained. Back up your important data into external media will also help you if you select the wrong options.

5. What to do when you encounter CD media error?

If the system have difficulties to access the data on the Recovery CD or recovery process halt before it restore all the system files, it indicates the possibilities of CD media error. When this happen, contact Fujitsu service center for further actions.

6. What information should I provide for questions relate to Recovery CD ?

Please quote part number on the CD or the Media ID in the MediaID directory from the CD.

 2.0 Advanced Questions

 This section contains specific questions of Recovery solution. and general questions on recovery solution.


1. What do you mean by bootable CD?

A bootable CD enables you to boot from CD-ROM instead of hard disk or floppy disk. Except PCMCIA CD-ROM, all Fujitsu supplied CD-ROM are bootable.

2. What shall I do to use the Recovery CD to boot up the system?

When you start your system, press F12 to select the boot device or press F2 to access BIOS setup screen to change the boot sequence.

3. Boot floppy for B or P Series

For B or P Series, you need a boot floppy to access the Recovery CD in the PCMCIA CD-ROM. The boot floppy has device drivers configured for Fujitsu PCMCIA CD-ROM.
The boot floppy can be obtained from Composite CD/Driver CD /Life_Options/Ext_CD-ROM/ directory. For recent purchase, a recovery boot floppy is supplied with the system. If your system come with recovery boot floppy, please use it when you perform recovery as it contains the latest updates.

4. Can the Recovery CD support multiple FAT32 partitions?

Yes. If you have specific reasons to do so, you can create multiple partitions on your hard disk and perform recovery. The first active partition is the default partition for files restoration.

*Recreate a partition will always destroy the content of the hard disk. Do perform backup measure if you want to retain your data files.
* Windows NT does not support FAT32.


5. What should I do with my application if I choose Recover without format options?

You should uninstall your application before perform this step. This is to make sure the Windows registry is clean or fresh. After the recovery process complete, re-install your application.