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AIT Middleware


Fujitsu AIT middleware acts as a platform that links readers and AIT tag data to business applications, ensuring interoperability between various types of AIT tags and a range of different readers. It supports the deployment of AIT systems across a wide range of operational scenarios. For design flexibility, Fujitsu AIT middleware provides APIs that conform with the industry standards such as ATA Spec2000 Chapter9 (*1) as well as other APIs that support access to high-capacity AIT devices, such as 64 KB / 8 KB RFID tags and CMBs. The server linkage functions such as Data Exchange and System Adaptor connect AIT tag data to your existing systems and other user's systems easily. It helps you to implement AIT on your system easily and utilize the various data more effectively.

We have been a formal member of ATA, which leads standardization in the civil aviation industry, and actively contributed to discussions about the technology and standards for data formats. We are also a member of EPCglobal™ (*2) to support the early adoption of draft standards. Fujitsu drives global standardization activity of RFID memory format.

Picture of What is AIT?

*1 ATA Spec2000 Chapter 9: A document that stipulates the standards established by the Air Transport Association (ATA) regarding matters such as the procedures for exchanging and processing information relating to the materials used in aircraft components and their reliability. Chapter 9 specifies comprehensive standards relating to the barcodes, 2Dcodes and RFID tags that can be attached to components.

*2 EPCglobal™: A transmission standard for data transmission between UHF-RFID readers/writers and tags.


    For handheld reader ATA Lifecycle Data Management SDK
    • Read / write data in ATA format
    • Interoperability across hardware systems including Fujitsu high-memory RFID tags, CMBs, etc.
    • High-speed writing with Fujitsu custom commands
    • Security functionality of Fujitsu high-memory RFID tags
    AIT Tag Data Access Tool
    Communication Functions Support for SOAP communication functions between HHT and server
    For server Authentication Information Maintenance Linking user and authentication information with Active Directory
    Data Exchange Data sharing between servers
    Master Maintenance Maintenance of master information
    System Adaptors Integration for your existing ERP systems
    AIT Utility Tool
    • Formatting AIT memory
    • Backing up memory data
    • Restoring memory data