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AIT Applications

Image of AIT Solutions

Our AIT Solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries. Here we describe just examples of possible deployment scenarios. Please contact us today and see how our AIT experts can add value to your process flow.


SymbolFujitsu has been an exclusive partner of Boeing to provide Fujitsu AIT solutions for their new maintenance service: RFID Integrated Solutions.

> Boeing and Fujitsu Joint Development
Fujitsu AIT Solution for Helicopter (1 MB)


SymbolFujitsu AIT solutions speed up the maintenance of helicopter, battle plane and transport plane utilizing the tag-stored information. In addition to periodically scheduled maintenance, Fujitsu AIT solutions will reduce the time for unexpected one before emergent sortieing. They will also ease the asset management to provide inventory status by attaching tags to each part.


SymbolTrain cars are overhauled and inspected periodically. There are different kinds of maintenance programs regulated by national laws. Fujitsu's demonstrational experiments show that our AIT tags endure harsh environment such as long run in bad weather and cleaning during the overhaul.


SymbolPeriodical maintenance is mandatory for ships as well as aircrafts. However, when parts are broken during navigation, they should be replaced or repaired at the next port. Therefore, parts are very likely to rotate among ships in maritime industry. Fujitsu AIT solutions support the safe voyage with continual maintenance history data contained on AIT tags. AIT tags also can provide the proof of authentic parts to contain a copied certification documents.


SymbolIn plants, network connections are not ensured throughout their areas even though urgent maintenance is required from time to time. Fujitsu AIT solutions help mechanics to accelerate their work without network connection.


SymbolWe will optimize your supply chain in various ways. Fixed type readers enable you to monitor your cargo's location and handheld readers help people to scan the products anywhere needed. With experience and expertise established through working with world leading retailers and, couriers, we consult and offer the best solution for you.