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Boeing and Fujitsu Joint Development

Boeing and Fujitsu have worked together to develop a new aircraft maintenance service which optimizes aircraft maintenance operations by utilizing AIT technologies. Coined RFID Integrated Solutions, the service has been released in 2012 by Boeing, which is available in the world for Boeing and non-Boeing fleets. Fujitsu provides Boeing with a “one-stop shop” AIT solution that includes AIT devices, device readers, middleware as well as a system integration to sustain RFID Integrated Solutions as a Boeing’s exclusive partner.

Our activities of AIT implementation to the aviation industry actually started back in 2005 when we started the development of the world's highest capacity RFID tag, which is 64KB tag, in response to Boeing's requirement on potential application of RFID for its aircrafts (B787). It is produced to store huge information even in environment without network connection. In addition to that, we have been holding multiple workshops jointly with Boeing for market leaders in aviation industry to educate them and help promote the adoption of AIT in the industry. we have continuously developed variety of tags, middleware and applications, cooperating with reader vendors to satisfy their requirements. Fujitsu has been participating in ATA and driving standardization activity of RFID memory format in aviation industry for years.

As a result of these activities, Boeing and Fujitsu have jointly developed RFID Integrated Solutions. The service allows airline customers to use AIT technologies without retrofitting their own fleets by themselves. Airlines can reduce costs by optimizing inventory and eliminating manual data entry errors.

Applications of RFID Integrated Solutions

  • A1: Emergency Equipment Management System
  • A2: Rotables Management System
  • A3: Repairables Management System
  • A4: Structural Repairs and Airframe Degradation Management System
  • A5: Seat Cover/Tapestry Management System

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Press Release

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