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White Paper

 Mobilizing the Enterprise (1 MB)
Mobilizing the enterprise is of great importance to businesses – it's potentially one of the key initiatives for businesses to modernize and innovate in the near future. Most organizations will have no choice but to develop multiple mobile policies and architectures, including customer and employee-facing strategies. This whitepaper helps you to understand mobile in enterprise in depth, and it highlights the benefits and the delivery of Enterprise Mobility.

 Desktop Virtualization with Citrix (563 KB)
Desktop virtualization has initiated intensive discussion concerning the best methods for delivery and management of IT workplaces. Many organizations have taken advantage of virtualization technologies in their data centers and naturally consider the advantages that virtualization could bring to the desktop environment, too. Citrix is the leader in server-based computing and a pioneer in the virtualization of applications and desktops. Fujitsu is known for best-in-class infrastructure products and services across all project and lifecycle phases. Based on market leading virtualization technology from Citrix, Fujitsu offers end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions, designed to assist customers in improving service quality whilst reducing cost and delivering a great end user experience at the user's device.

The Future of Workplaces (599 KB)
In order to persist in tomorrow's competitive environment, businesses need a motivated and productive workforce who can react flexibly and fast on ever changing demands. The turntable for all activities of the workforce is their workplace. But how will the workplace look like in the future? An exciting question, to which there is more than just one answer. This whitepaper introduced the future workplace to you according to the usage of cloud, devices in the future and BYOD etc.

 Sizing of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (1 MB)
This document is designed to illustrate the requirements of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The focus is on the CPU and RAM requirements and also in particular on the requirements of the storage subsystem. The network and bandwidth requirements are not part of this White Paper. The results can be used as a basis for sizing a corresponding VDI environment based on Citrix XenDesktop 4 / 5 or VMware View 4.5 / 4.6 / 51.

 Using Solid State Disks in VDI Environments (1 MB)
This whitepaper describes a proof-of-concept in which solid state disks were used in a virtual desktop infrastructure for Windows 7 desktops based on VMware View 4.5. The results of the tests and investigations enable our consultants to define an optimum architecture and do the right sizing. Existing problems such as boot storms can easily be solved. Furthermore, financial aspects are considered and a future outlook of SSD technology is given.