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Fujitsu Unveils Infrastructure Products to Build Enterprise Cloud

Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited

Tokyo, November 05, 2009

Fujitsu today announced the gradual roll-out in Japan, starting today, of new products and services that are compatible with multiple platforms and vendor environments to employ their on-site mission-critical systems as enterprise clouds. The company will strengthen products that enable system optimization through cloud technologies, such as virtualization and automation, and offer support services.

Fujitsu has also strengthened its cloud computing-related sales activities supporting structure, offering consistent business support for customers, ranging from the building of their on-site enterprise clouds to the utilization of cloud services.

Furthermore, the company will be establishing a new "Cloud Infrastructure Center" to provide customers with support services for systematizing and standardizing the cloud technology essential to building the enterprise cloud.

By providing a complete array of solutions, ranging from products to system constructions, operations, and maintenance services, Fujitsu can reliably and quickly build up a system optimized for each customer's management and operations while reducing IT system costs.

In order to help customers employ their on-site mission-critical systems as enterprise clouds compatible with multi-vendors and multi-platforms, Fujitsu is offering a new array of platform products, as well as related support and services.

  • Platform Products for Virtualization and Automation
    Enhances functionality for existing hardware and software products to enable system optimization. Commences offering the software for automating server operations, the BMC BladeLogic Operations Manager, in collaboration with BMC Software.
  • Supporting Structure and Service
    Enhances cloud computing-related sales activities supporting structure while providing support services for enterprise cloud constructions.

Platform Products for Virtualization and Automation

  1. Server Platform Products
    The following products provide a virtualization environment tailored to the customer's operational resources:
    • PRIMERGY PC server, PRIMEQUEST mission critical IA server, SPARC Enterprise UNIX server
    • IPCOM network server
  2. Storage Platform Products
    The following products allow for the virtualization of disks, volumes, and file systems as well as efficient storage management and operations:
    • ETERNUS DX60/DX80/4000/8000/NR1000F/VS storage systems
  3. Management Software for Visualizing Virtual and Physical Environments

    (1) ServerView Resource Coordinator VE

    ServerView Resource Coordinator VE enables the visualization of physical and virtual server environments while unifying server monitoring and operability.

    <Key Features>
    • Quick and accurate situation assessment without distinguishing the types of physical and virtual platforms; consolidates operations for starting, stopping, and rebooting servers.
    (2) ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser
    ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser enables the visualization of physical and virtual server environments while improving operation speed and minimizing human errors.

    <Key Features>
    • Simplifies storage installation process and disk allocation confirmation
  4. BMC BladeLogic Operations Manager (Software Products for Operations Automation)
    BMC BladeLogic Operations Manager configures server environments in a multi-vendor, multi-platform setting, including parameters for OS, middleware, and applications.

    <Key Features>
    • Automates configurations for OS, middleware, as well as applications across multi-vendor and multi-platform environments.
    • Implements the following when combined with ServerView Resource Coordinator VE:
      • Operating cost reduction achieved by automating updates and modifications involving the installation and configuration of OS, middleware and applications according to operational standards.
      • Ensures system stability by automating server maintenance operations including system recovery, and patch management and distribution.

About Support Structure and Services

  1. Enhanced Supporting Structure for System Optimization

    (1) Strengthening Sales Activities Supporting Structure
    Fujitsu has strengthened its cloud computing-related sales activities supporting structure and operates a one-stop support center to help customers with enterprise cloud constructions as well as cloud utilization services.

    (2) New "Cloud Infrastructure Center"
    Fujitsu's new center will provide support services for realizing infrastructure optimization. It will also develop and test infrastructure solutions for IT system constructions that utilize cloud technologies. The know-how gained through this process will be systemized and standardized and provided to customers.
  2. Support Services

    (1) Support Services for Optimizing Customers' IT Infrastructure
    Fujitsu will offer the following support services for infrastructure optimization under multi-platform, multi-vendor environments:
    • Deployment workshops, planning, and assessment services
    • System design and construction services, asset transition support services, operations management infrastructure design and construction services
    • Operational support services, evaluation support services, and maintenance services
    • Operational design services
    (2) Enhanced menu of seminar, demonstration, and testing services
    Fujitsu will offer a menu of seminars and demonstrations dealing with the enterprise cloud environment, giving customers a sense of how the transition from their current system to the deployment of an enterprise cloud might look.

About Fujitsu

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Fujitsu Hong Kong, a leading technology company, is one of the largest providers of customer-focused information technology and telecommunications (IT & T) solutions and services for organizations in Hong Kong. With more than 50 years of experience and as part of the Fujitsu Group -- a global family of IT & T infrastructure experts - Fujitsu Hong Kong extends its expertise across the enterprise and throughout the region. Fujitsu Hong Kong is able to support and optimize world-class IT & T infrastructure for organizations in the region that aim at gaining a global competitive edge for a sustainable future. Major customers include Government of HKSAR, Cathay Pacific Airways, PCCW, and more.
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Date: 05 November, 2009
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited