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[ComputerWorld] Caught in a Growth Crunch?

Fujitsu helps enterprises optimize performance with IT managed services

Enterprises in Hong Kong are flourishing. Hong Kong's economy performed well in 2013 and is on track to grow by 3-4% in 2014 (source HKTDC). However, as businesses continue to prosper and further fuel Hong Kong's industries, they face a number of IT challenges associated with continued growth.

The IT challenges

1. Explosion of Big Data: First is the strain put on company resources by an ever-growing data deluge. Businesses have to cope with rising infrastructure costs and find ways to store, process and analyze the massive amounts of data being generated by our increasingly interconnected and knowledge-based society.

2. IT Skills Shortage: According to Manpower Group, IT positions are the 4th most difficult jobs for Hong Kong employers to fill. For enterprises, the skills shortage is having a significant impact on their competitiveness, productivity and ability to service clients. After all, someone needs to manage all that data flowing into an organization's systems; Gartner forecasts that by 2015 more than 960,000 jobs will be created in Asia-Pacific to support big data alone, but only one third of these IT roles will actually be filled due to a lack of skills and experience.

3. Pressures on Regional IT Operations: Many MNCs are opening up regional headquarters in Hong Kong, with 3,835 registered in 2013 (source HKTDC), solidifying Hong Kong's position as a gateway to China and the rest of Asia. While this is great news to Hong Kong's economy, it can result in IT headaches for multi-nationals, who need their Hong Kong headquarters to serve as a regional hub for all APAC operations.

Fujitsu's One-stop Shop Approach

As a result of these challenges, many enterprises in Hong Kong have deemed that now is the right time to embrace cloud computing. By shifting mission-critical applications and infrastructure into the cloud, enterprises benefit from robust, scalable solutions which enable them to create maximum value with minimal resources. In addition, corporates are outsourcing IT management to industry experts, freeing up internal staff to focus on more strategic projects while further reducing costs.

"As a one-stop-shop solutions and services provider we can help enterprises solve all their IT challenges in one go, from developing a cloud roadmap, to improving infrastructure, to providing IT managed services and support. Organizations can leverage our global expertise and unmatched local industry knowledge to increase business agility while lowering total cost of ownership. Our goal is to ensure that the best available technologies are always applied in the most appropriate way." said Derek Yiu, General Manager, Solutions and Services Business, Fujitsu Hong Kong.

One area in which Fujitsu particularly excels is delivering industry-leading managed services to operations that span multiple countries that require multi-site and multi-environment execution as a regional IT hub. With over 100 data centers around the world, Fujitsu can provide local support to customers across different countries.


Managed services teams take care of everything, from integration, enhancement and evolution of IT assets to designing and implementing bespoke business applications. "We help CIOs manage the increasingly complex IT environment with our global management framework, expertise and tools. In addition, the infrastructure and solutions are linked with world-class data centers and services to deliver greater value to enterprises," said Yiu.


Case Study: Fujitsu keeps the transport flowing with IaaS

The world's leading passenger transportation provider was looking to overcome some steep challenges with its legacy infrastructure including slow response times, inefficient system configuration and high maintenance costs.

As the company's trusted IT partner, Fujitsu helped the enterprise to migrate to a cloud environment, embracing a system-as-a-service model. Acting as a one-stop-shop supplier, Fujitsu also provided some key IT managed services including SAP hosting and on-going support.

As a result, the company's infrastructure was enhanced through a scalable pool of trusted resources from the Fujitsu Cloud. The enterprise was able to lower upfront technology costs and shift to an on-demand payment model based on requirements.