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Environmental Labeling and Information Disclosure

We will actively disclose environmental information about our products to customers.

Disclosure of Environmental Information on Products

We actively disclose environmental information on our products, both via the Internet and in the form of environmental labels.

Since the end of FY 2006, we have registered notebook PCs under the EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) system, which encourages the purchase of green PCs and is used chiefly by US government bodies. In Japan, we disclose on the website given below information on products that conform to the International Energy Star Program in Japan or the PC Green Label Specification, as well as products registered under the EcoLeaf Program or certified under the Eco Mark program.

Environmental Labeling

The main environmental labels displayed by the Fujitsu Group.

The main environmental labels displayed by the Fujitsu Group

International Energy Star program

The International Energy Star Program label is displayed on computers (PCs, workstations), displays, printers, and scanners registered with the program.

Energy Efficiency Labeling System

This label is displayed on products meeting standards prescribed by Japan's Act on the Rational Use of Energy.

PC Green Label System

For PCs, Fujitsu displays this mark on products meeting standards stipulated by the PC3R Promotion Association.

EcoLeaf Environmental Label (Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry)

In May 2003, Fujitsu notebook PCs were the first in Japan to be certified under this label.

Eco Mark (Certified by the Japan Environment Association)

In January 2001, Fujitsu desktop PCs became the first in Japan to receive certification. At present, certifications have been obtained for both PCs and printers.

Green Policy Innovation Logo

The Fujitsu Group's own environmental label. The Group displays this logo on Green and Super Green products, which are especially eco-friendly.