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In-House Educational and Enlightenment Activities

The Fujitsu Group believes heightened awareness, and the initiatives of individual employees are critical to the pursuit of environmental management and, therefore, we implement various forms of environmental education and enlightenment.

Carrying Out Comprehensive Environmental Education

To ensure that our environmental management takes firm root through the participation of all employees, the Fujitsu Group believes it essential to inculcate and raise the environmental awareness of each and every employee to a point where it links to actual practice. Based on this belief, the Group has been carrying out comprehensive environmental education and enlightenment training since 1995, based on the system described below.

Every three years we have all of our employees undertake E-learning to acquire a basic understanding of environmental management. In addition, education is provided to meet the needs of each level of employee from new entrants to managers, as well as those of departments including design development, sales and systems engineering. We are also implementing internal auditor, waste management and other training as professional education for employees in charge of work related to the environment.

Fujitsu's Environmental Education System

Environmental e-Learning for All Group Employees

 Environmental e-Learning program screenshot

To help ensure that individual employees understand the Fujitsu Group's thinking on environmental management and encourage them to engage in environmentally conscious initiatives, and to facilitate the practice of environmental management, we conduct environmental e-Learning for all Group employees.

Environmental Education by Division

Recycling Training for Sales and Design Divisions

Environmental business seminars are held for sales divisions. The purpose of these seminars was to have participants observe with their own eyes Fujitsu's recycling initiatives and experience firsthand the dismantling of products and separation of materials, to improve their business skills by having them share in an understanding of environmentally conscious manufacturing. Additionally, this year, lectures on recycling business were held for new employees (sales and SE).

Environmental Proposal Training for Sales and SE Divisions

In order to increase the appeal by adding environmental factors to the proposals by our customers, training sessions targeting sales and SE personnel are continually held at sales offices and group companies in Japan. A main theme is set for each year, and the theme for FY2013 was reduction of environmental burdens at datacenters. At the training sessions, lectures were given on energy-saving measures using thermal flow simulation and local air conditioning at datacenters, in addition to disaster control and security measures.

Development of Environmental Learning Materials

 Global Environmental Issue Keywords book and e-Learning screenshot display

In order to share with the outside world the environmental education expertise it has developed for its employees, Fujitsu has teamed up with Fujitsu FOM Limited to create a set of learning materials for environmental education entitled "Global Environmental Issue Keywords," and has been marketing them since May 2008 in the form of books and e-learning materials.

The program incorporates a broad spectrum of issues, including basic knowledge of global environmental issues, the environmental business of other companies, and ICT's contribution to the environment, all from the viewpoint of providing a broad understanding not only to those involved in environment-related businesses, but to all employees in the Fujitsu Group.