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Digital Co-creation for a better future and a sustainable society

Photo of Tatsuya Tanaka, Representative Director and President Fujitsu Limited
Tatsuya Tanaka
Representative Director and President
Fujitsu Limited

Global Trends: The Shift from a Low-Carbon Society to a Decarbonized Society

With the November 2016 entry into force of the Paris Agreement, the global community embarked on creation of a decarbonized society. We must strive to minimize climate change so future generations have a safe and prosperous living environment. The circumstances demand a shift toward cleaner sources of energy in addition to saving energy.

Climate change is an issue with global implications; the effects stretch beyond individual countries and specific regions. For a global company, addressing the problem is both a social obligation and an important element of the company's management strategy. The Fujitsu Group will continue to apply its ICT capabilities toward solutions to the climate change issue.

Leveraging Our Technology and Expertise into Solutions for Customers and Society

In this context, the Fujitsu Group established the FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision, a plan for achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from in-house business activities by 2050, contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society, and making a difference in adapting to climate change. Fujitsu's effort to eliminate CO2 emissions̶an ambitious endeavor̶will spur creative thinking and cultivate innovation. In addition to taking thorough steps to save energy and decarbonize internally, Fujitsu will use the technology that comes out of those in-house efforts and act as leaders to help customers and society achieve decarbonization.

From climate change-related energy issues to disappearing supplies of natural resources and shortages of food and water, the world faces problems that jeopardize the potential for a sustainable society. The Fujitsu Group, positioning the environment as one of its most important management concerns, has fused environmental activities together with its business activities. Every three years, we formulate an Environmental Action Plan that lays out the goals for our activities. Last fiscal year, we launched our Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII. As we work to drive steady progress in our environmental activities and realize our environmental vision, we will continue accelerating internal action.

Building a Sustainable Society through Digital Co-creation

Fujitsu's digital technologies, which include assets for artificial intelligence, the IoT, and big-data processing, represent a powerful engine for forging collaborative relationships across boundaries̶industries, sectors, and business categories̶and driving innovation in business and society. That technological foundation gives us the ability to spark change. I know that we can solve the many issues affecting society and the environment by co-creating new value with our customers and partners.