When you do a jigsaw puzzle, as, one by one, you fit the pieces together, you see the picture emerge. But imagine if the pieces were made by different manufacturers, based on different standards of shapes, and even used different pictures.

Today, most enterprises rely on systems that are patched together - like pieces from different jigsaw puzzles, sometimes in different locations. A lot of the challenges with so-called Hybrid IT landscapes come from the complexity of making everything fit together, without the need to abandon perfectly adequate infrastructure simply because it no longer fits the big picture.

At Fujitsu, our job is to make sure that everything fits together and works in alignment. One key factor that sets Fujitsu apart is we are technology agnostic. Our goal is to make everything work regardless of the brand or the provider. Our approach ensures that we support our customers in choosing the right solutions that work for them. What’s more, Fujitsu is uniquely able to partner with the major providers, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Citrix and NetApp - to consolidate and harmonize technologies, and hybrid cloud landscapes.

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