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This product offers you functions to display and monitor the status of ETERNUS DX400 series (except S2), ETERNUS DX8000 series (except S2), ETERNUS2000, ETERNUS4000, ETERNUS8000, ETERNUS3000, ETERNUS6000, and GR Series (GR710, GR720, GR730, GR740, GR820, and GR840).
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Conditions of use

Please ensure that the following usage conditions are met when you use this product.

Please do not use this product when you cannot observe these use conditions.

  1. This product can be used only with the above target model(s).
  2. This product cannot be redistributed.
  3. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this product.
  4. Any copyright mark concerning this product may not be revoked.
  5. Any damage occurring following use of this product is at your own risk, Fujitsu will not assume any responsibility for operational problems.