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My ScanSnap cannot scan. The Scan button just blinks and nothing happens. <br/>  (For Windows<sup>®</sup> users)

My ScanSnap cannot scan. The Scan button just blinks and nothing happens.
  (For Windows® users)

If the appearance of the ScanSnap Manger icon in the task tray is as follows, your ScanSnap and computer are not connected properly.

    Communicating  or  Communicating

Please try the following steps to establish the connection:

1. Restart your ScanSnap.

     Turn off your ScanSnap, wait at least 5 seconds and then turn it on again.
     If the icon status is not changed, unplug the USB cable from the computer or your ScanSnap,
     wait for 5 seconds, and then reconnect the USB cable.

2. Connect the USB cable directly.

     If your ScanSnap is connected via a USB hub, try connecting your ScanSnap directly to the      computer via the USB cable.

3. Turn-off antivirus software.

     Turn-off antivirus software and try again.

4. Use another USB port.

     Try with another USB port if any.

5. Use another USB cable.

     Try with another USB cable if any.

6. Disconnect other USB devices.

     Disconnect any other USB devices (printer/scanner/external hard disk and the like) and try

7. Use ScanSnap Support Tool.

     Connect your ScanSnap to a computer and follow the steps below with ScanSnap support tool.
     * To run ScanSnap Support tool, go to the [Start] menu --> [All Programs] -->
       [ScanSnap Manager] --> [ScanSnap Support Tool].


  1. Click the [Check] button under [Check Privileges]. If the message, "The recommended privileges have been applied." appears, turn off your ScanSnap, wait for 5 seconds, and then turn it on again.
  2. Press the [Recover] button of [Recover ScanSnap Connection] to see whether it solves the problem.
8. Full shutdown Windows®. (Windows® 10 only)

     Click on [Shut down] while hold the Shift key on keyboard and shutdown Windows®.

9. Delete the device driver.

     Delete the device driver to see whether it solves the problem.

     Follow the steps below to delete the device driver:

    1. Connect your ScanSnap to the computer, and turn on your ScanSnap.
    2. Open the Device Manager window.
      For Windows® 10
        Right-click the [Start] menu, and select [Device Manager].
      For Windows® 8.1
        Select the Down Arrow icon on the lower left side of the Start screen -->
      [Control Panel] under [Windows System] --> [Hardware and Sound] -->
      [Device Manager].
      For Windows® 7
        Select [Start] menu --> [Control Panel] --> [Hardware and Sound] -->
      [Device Manager].
    3. In Device Manager right-click [Imaging device] --> [ScanSnap iX500] or
      [Imaging device] --> [Other devices] --> [ScanSnap iX500] --> [Uninstall].

    If the ScanSnap used to be connected other USB ports, connect it to each of those ports and repeat these steps.
  1. Turn off your ScanSnap.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Reconnect the USB cable to the computer.
10. Reinstall ScanSnap Manager.

     Uninstall and install ScanSnap Manager again.

If the issue persists after attempting all the procedures above, please collect system information on the computer and send the data to a FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider by e-mail. To collect system information, press the [Collect] button of [Collect System Information] in the support tool, and it creates a folder (ScanSnap_date and time) that contains the system information data. We would appreciate it if you could send the data in zip format.

* Refer to [Troubleshooting] in the [Help] menu of ScanSnap Manager.


Target ScanSnap:
iX500 / iX100 / S1300i / S1100i / SV600 / S1500 / S1500M / S1100 / S1300

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