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ScanSnap Organizer -QA1-

Q1. Why does a message telling me that I cannot use the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server linkage function appear whenever I try to show the contents of the server from ScanSnap Organizer?

[The following error messages appear]
Applicaton Error Connection Error
A1. Windows® operating systems that have been updated with "Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack1" or"Net Framework 3.5 family update program" after January 27th, 2009, experiences problems with ScanSnap Organizer's linking function with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server. This was attributed to an application or connection error that occurs when connecting to Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server from ScanSnap Organizer.

The following operating systems are affected by this malfunction:
  • Windows® XP Home / Professional (32bit)
  • Windows Vista™ (32bit/64bit)

An updated module that will correct the linkage related malfunction is now available. Please refer to the following website and download the updated module.