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ScanSnap N1800 Salesforce Chatter Add-in (V1.1.2)


"Salesforce Chatter Add-in" is software for the ScanSnap N1800 which enables the user to scan documents directly to Salesforce Chatter.


Salesforce Chatter Add-in (V1.1.2)

[Download] Download Data ScanToSalesforceChatter_010102.exe (42.0MB)

How to install

If the system version of ScanSnap N1800 is earlier than “ss001”, update the system software to the Latest version before installing this add-in.

  1. Download the file "ScanToSalesforceChatter_010102.exe" onto your hard drive. Be sure that you have enough disk space to download and execute the file.
  2. Execute downloaded file to extract the Salesforce Chatter add-in onto your hard drive.
  3. Install the Salesforce Chatter add-in using the Admin Tool or Central Admin function.

    Refer to the "ScanSnap N1800 Network Scanner Operator's Guide" for the details on how to install/uninstall an add-in, and how to use the Admin Tool and Central Admin Console functions.
    Refer to the "Scanner Central Admin User's Guide" for the details on how to install/uninstall an add-in by using Scanner Central Admin.

How to confirm that installation is successful

  • Select [Monitoring & Management] -> [Maintenance] -> [Add-in Software] from the "Admin Menu". If you are using the touch panel, select "Advanced mode" for "Setting mode".
  • Check that "ScanToSalesforce" appears in the Add-in Software list.

    [ScanSnap N1800 touch panel]
    ScanSnap N1800 touch panel

    [Network Scanner Admin Tool]
    Network Scanner Admin Tool

Refer to "Salesforce Chatter Add-in User's Guide" for details on how to use the Salesfoce Chatter linkage function.