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Solution Worker Safety

Name of Solution Worker Safety
What it does A Wearable solution for lone/field workers
How is it used This solution is delivered as a combination of Sensor and Algorithm - The Vital Band links through the IoT platform which contains Fujitsu proprietary algorithms to help highlight levels of risk, ‘Predict’ then ‘Measure’ any incident as accurately as possible when it happens and then ‘Respond’ based on this knowledge.
What is the benefit Health and Safety/Wellness
Who is the customer Horizontal Offering

When using IoT solutions to support worker safety we look at 3 key aspects:
Predict/Measure/Respond - Predict an issue before it happens Measure accurately to avoid false alarms and Respond ensuring businesses can effectively manage an incident based on accurate location information and details.

Key when managing a workforce is understanding the location of workers to ensure that when an issue arises support can be effectively deployed to the right location. This can be automated using our proprietary algorithms or via the manual emergency button. Typically GPS is used outdoors but when a greater level of accuracy is required or monitoring workers indoors we use the BLE locators allowing real time, low latency, high accuracy location monitoring.

Managing worker safety is paramount especially in the field or when operating alone, so the ability to predict issues such as heat stress or increased levels of risk associated with working at height is crucial. However, incidents still happen so the accuracy of measurement is key. For example, in order to ensure fall detection is as accurate as possible we take data related to Acceleration / Barometric pressure changes but as important is a period of nothing to determine if the worker has jumped or fallen. If you jump you continue on your way but if you fall you remain for a short period. Once you accurately detect a fall then a response can be sent to the identified location.

Once an individual has support in the field further business support is provided to the individual and also groups/teams. When managing a workforce in the field organizations need to have the ability to monitor/track those individuals as standard or by exception when an instance occurs. The web application dashboard allows all of this from single to multiple users displaying core vital and environmental data/location/event history etc. Whilst allowing this level of control the Interface also allows new devices/sensors to be managed and deployed. Additionally new events and rules can be set for when incidents do occur so that the right response is delivered /Alert on the Map / SMS / Call etc.

The benefits of safe labor management

Detection of high and low falls based on analysis of atmospheric pressure and acceleration*1

The movement of tumbling or falling can be determined by a combination of changes in atmospheric pressure and acceleration. This allows for much more accurate detection than when using only acceleration data.

*1 A location badge enables fall detection and a vital sensing band enables fall probability assessments.

Review onsite status through a web app

Web application allows the remote manager to confirm the conditions of workers on site, determine whether an alarm has been activated and verify whether responsive measures have been taken. The supervisor on site can change the alarm status via smartphone application where available.

The heat stress alarm takes worker physical state into account

Heat stress is evaluated based on more than temperature and humidity*2. The environmental index and physical state of each wearer of the device are also taken into account and an alert is displayed if predetermined levels are reached.

*2 Development and evaluation are jointly performed by Ohara Memorial Institute of Labor Sciences and a Public Interest Foundation.

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