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Solution Location Monitoring

Name of Solution Location Monitoring
What it does A wearable location solution for lone/field workers
How is it used The location monitoring solution is delivered as a combination of Sensor and Algorithms - The solution uses both GPS for Outdoor monitoring and RTLS or Beacons indoors allowing worker location to be accurately monitored or used to ‘Respond’ when an incident occurs.
What is the benefit Health and Safety/Wellness


Key when managing a workforce is understanding the location of the workers to ensure that when an issue arises any response can be effectively sent to the right location, this can be automated using our proprietary algorithms and delivered seamlessly between Outdoor and Indoor locations.

Location monitoring is an effective tool when assessing operational efficiency and work flow optimization. The solution has been developed to help you understand where people or assets are; for example shared equipment on site, in addition where a business needs to understand how many workers are on site or they enter restricted or dangerous areas. All allowing responses to be made when needed or analytics and insights to be gathered from the flow of workforces to improve process and optimization within the work environment.

The advantages of monitoring

Two positioning methods are combined for efficiency

Extensive positioning tracks people and things with minimal equipment via movement path reckoning technology that uses unique algorithms (PDR). In Addition High-Precision real-time positioning tracks the location of staff members, customers and objects with a High level of accuracy and low level of latency (an accuracy of approximately > 30cm). Where Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS) are not required beacons can be used as a lower cost / lower precision option.

Geofencing is a valuable feature, this is when specific location areas can be identified and alerts given when objects or individuals move into or out of these defined areas.

Fall detection can be combined with location detection

Falls can be detected with the location badge, prompt measures can be taken when accidents occur during patrolling and other duties. With the optional notification button on the location badge, employees can request help from a supervisor or central support who can monitor anything out of the ordinary.

Tracking data (including time spent stationary) is accumulated in the cloud and analyzed

In combination with sensor algorithms, the sensor learns behavioral patterns from the accumulated data. The efficiency of operations can be raised by detecting abnormalities and adding them to tracking analysis data. It is also possible to incorporate pinpointed data in a production line simulator and connect it to the logistics system to perform the analysis*.

*A separate connecting system/service is required.

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