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Solution Driver Safety

Name of Solution Driver Safety
What it does A Wearable solution to alert drivers when attention/drowsiness is detected
How is it used The sensor is worn round the neck of drivers and measures their biorhythms, the device identifies a loss in attention which is part of a drowsiness curve allowing a driver to self-manage their level of drowsiness and in parallel allowing the organization to optimize route planning.
What is the benefit Driver Health and Safety/Wellness
Who is the customer Horizontal Transportation Offering

The Fujitsu Driver Drowsiness Detector is a wearable sensor device that detects when drivers are drowsy based on their pulse. The product, which uses a proprietary algorithm developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, monitors the driver’s pulse via a sensor attached to the earlobe, gauges drowsiness based on that and notifies the driver and their vehicle fleet manager.

The device is worn round the neck with a small sensor clip attached to the drivers earlobe which picks up pulse waves, the proprietary algorithm can then detect any sign of drowsiness of which the driver may not be conscious. The device also includes a learning and calibration algorithm meaning an individual’s profile accuracy is improved through continued usage.

The product can be used at individual level connecting via the drivers Smartphone in this instance the driver can access an on device dashboard of their current status as well as looking at time logs of a day or journey to identify moments on increased drowsiness.

In an instance where the solution believes the driver is at an increased level of risk the device can vibrate to alert the driver whilst also informing the remote fleet manager/supervisor of the increased risk levels.

Once the data has been captured it is possible to analyze potential routes causing drowsiness using the web application dashboard and plan route swaps to avoid tiredness caused by repetitiveness. From our discussions fleet operators are already using on-board telematics as a way to reduce insurance premiums so the solution will be positioned in this way as well as the immediate Health & Safety benefits to Drivers, other road users and pedestrians.

The sensor is both waterproof and dustproof to stand up to daily usage and has a planned battery life of 45 hours (9hrs per/day x 5 days per/week).

Driving Safety support features

A user-friendly sensor detects drowsiness

Lightweight 94 gram (approx.) design

The smart design is easy to use. Worn around the neck, it weighs only about 94 grams and includes a sensor on the earlobe that measures vital signs such as pulse.

Selectable alert by sound or vibration

Fujitsu’s proprietary algorithm determines the drowsiness of each driver, even before the driver realizes it him or herself, and the device uses sound or vibration to alert the driver.

The battery is extremely long lasting

The battery was designed with long-haul driving in mind and supports five continuous days of operation.

High-precision detection of drowsiness optimized for each driver

The system automatically calibrates reference values for each individual driver. Its learning function adapts to vital signs that vary from day to day for each driver to ensure accurate drowsiness detection.

Effective driving safety management through driver and manager collaboration

Visualization of driver status is realized by linking the driver with the fleet-operation management system. By grasping driver status in real time and employing accumulated data, effective driving management becomes possible for the driver and fleet manager.