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Fujitsu is pursuing Human Centric IoT initiatives. Building on the base of its Human Centric Engine, the company is offering UBIQUITOUSWARE as the front-end interface for Human Centric IoT.

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The advantages of UBIQUITOUSWARE

Immediate On-site use

As a comprehensive solution, from sensors to software, UBIQUITOUSWARE can be used wherever the customer is located.

Use only what you need

UBIQUITOUSWARE can be provided on-premises via the cloud or through partial incorporation in your products —whatever best meets your needs.

Highly accurate algorithms

Over 68 rich algorithms can be used to detect the behavior of humans and objects in a highly accurate way.
More than 49 patents* have been obtained after proving accurate human centered analysis of falls, heat stress and worker wellbeing etc.

*As of July 2017


Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE Solutions, including Cloud based SaaS, are tailored to meet customer needs.


Worker Safety

Managing worker safety is paramount especially in the field or when operating alone, so the ability to predict issues such as heat stress or increased levels of risk associated with working at height is crucial.

Location Monitoring

Location monitoring is an effective tool when assessing operational efficiency and work flow optimization.

Intelligent Care

The Intelligent Care Solution works to capture and analyse live sound speech, coughs, breathing using Fujitsu’s proprietary sound-analysis.

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