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Fujitsu is pursuing Human Centric IoT initiatives. Building on the base of its Human Centric Engine, the company is offering UBIQUITOUSWARE as the front-end interface for Human Centric IoT.


UBIQUITOUSWARE is a package of core module and sensor algorithm converting sensor data to valuable information.


Detect abnormalities by analyzing sensor data for longer periods learning both human and animal behavioral patterns.

Motion analysis, Location analysis, Vital analysis.

Analyze data for multiple services and applications.

Monitoring Service, Onsite Monitoring Service, Track.


UBIQUITOUSWARE is an IoT package that, in addition to regular BLE beacon tag functionality, enables the acquisition of data from a wide variety of sensors.

1. About the UBIQUITOUSWARE core module

Sense real time the environment, motion, location and vital sign.


2. About the Sensor Algorithm

Proprietary algorithms process sensor output into meaningful data.

Sensor Algorithm

Fujitsu is arranging more than 68 kinds of abundant algorithms. The sensor algorithm acquired the patent of 49 in Japan.

Fall Detection

Understand changes in height with the barometer. Detect falls by combining barometric pressure and acceleration then issue an alert.

Fall Detection

PDR Positioning (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning)

PDR allows precise positioning/tracking by estimating direction and distance via accelerometer and gyroscope. Barometer data tells us the floor a person is on.

PDR Positioning

Map Matching

Overlay location information on the map and automatically correct non-existing route

Map Matching

Embedded Device

Location Solution


Badges and tags use pedestrian dead reckoning technology based on Fujitsu's proprietary algorithms to locate people in locations where GPS is hard to use (indoors) and use GPS to locate them outdoors, for precise location monitoring and motion tracking. The system can also detect a person's posture or whether they have fallen.

Sample Applications

In hospitals, commercial facilities and warehouses, badges and tags are worn by staff, customers and objects allowing their positions be tracked in real time. This can be used to reallocate personnel, promote safety by detecting falls in real time, manage goods, reorganize store layouts and product placement.

Monitoring Solution


Information is captured by a sensor worn on the wrist which includes temperature, humidity, movement and heart rate which can be used to estimate the wearer's heat stress using proprietary algorithms in the Human-Centric Engine. It can also monitor rapid changes in barometric pressure and motion which could signal a fall.

Sample Applications

Worn by workers in construction, manufacturing or agriculture, the Band can be used to prevent heat stress based on data gathered from the surrounding environment as well as, monitoring health status helping to improve the worker's wellbeing. The Band can be used to detect falls or other accidents, allowing a proactive response and making the workplace safer.

Remote Monitoring Station


This captures and analyzes live sound including speech, coughs, breathing during sleep and movement using the microphone built into the station and Fujitsu's proprietary sound-analysis. The captured analysis of the individual’s behavior is then learnt by the system for future optimization. The temperature and humidity sensors can also be used for heat stress prediction.

Sample Applications

Placed in a residential facility, this can be used to detect when residents leave and return, for reassurance of their wellbeing and assist with relief in the event of a disaster. This can also include the learning of behavioural patterns to deliver intelligent care solutions.

Maintenance Solution


Designed for safety, even in challenging environments, water-resistant (IPX5/7) and dust-resistant (IP5X), can survive drops from up to 1.5 meters. The built-in accelerometer detects changes in the operator's movements and can notify a manager with an alarm if the operator falls. The FUJITSU Head Mounted Display is the perfect hardware in augmented reality environments for remote support, maintenance, training, providing robustness with simultaneous ease of use. It consists of a non-see-through display positioned in front of either eye, with a wearable keyboard, one camera and two microphones.

Sample Applications

Used in Assembly, Maintenance or Inspection environments the solution can deliver reductions in paper work, real time reporting and deliver support through the AR solution. For training over the shoulder support and access to supervisor support including real time screen drawing can be delivered helping reduce training times and improve skill set delivery.

Driver Solution


The device is a wearable sensor that measures a driver’s pulse. By using a proprietary algorithm developed by Fujitsu Laboratories the solution can calculate levels of driver drowsiness. Using the accumulated data based on alerts and behavioral patterns, the solution has the ability to link to fleet-management systems so fleet managers can optimize routes based on the information provided.

Sample Applications

Used in logistics or transportation industries the Driver Drowsiness Detector can measure levels of drowsiness, helping fleet managers and drivers avoid increased levels of risk by alerting them and assisting in the prevention and proactive management of drivers in the field.