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FJVPS case study


Shimadzu Corporation (analytical & measuring instruments)

img01 Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer "LCMS-IT-TOF"

  1. The start of production duties was hastened by a design revue using FJVPS. Rework and frequency of trial productions of actual equipment were decreased.
  2. Man-hours required for document preparation were cut in half. assembly procedure sheets, parts lists, service manuals, instruction manuals, etc. Man-hours required for the illustrations of harnesses and cables has been reduced by 10%.
  3. Product information data sharing with the FJVPS server. Work efficiency, consistency and maintainability are improved.

AMADA (Metalworking machinery and devices)

img02 Prior study/review, decision of wiring and piping routes

Reduction of indirect operations, logistic cost, and improvement of maintenance serviceability have been achieved in addition to a 50% reduction of the product development period.

  1. Promoting front loading, and aiming at reduction of development period & cost reduction.It was possible to shorten the period from development to release on the market to 11 months, which had conventionally required about 2 years.
  2. A study/review for grouping and routing of wiring, hoses, etc. by utilizing FJVPS is executed from the planning stage.The development man-hour and time related to wiring and piping were reduced by 40%.
  3. FJVPS has also been utilized for the study/review on optimization of efficient loading methods on trucks as well as containers for overseas transportation. The success of such efforts has brought about a 19% reduction in logistic expense and a 30% reduction in the logistic delivery period.

Jatco (Automatic transmission for automobiles)

img03 Animation for proficiency in work at vital points

  1. Challenges in reducing lead time before starting mass production.Jatco has undertaken formulation of the environment for utilizing 3D data where the functions of products, component characteristics and names, relationship with preceding & post processes about components to be assembled in charge, and precautions for safety can be learnt virtually
  2. Work proficiency before formulation of a mass-production line is realized using the animation function of FJVPS.
    - The staff in charge of the production site can routinely make full use of DMU, and feedback knowledge of the site into the animation for work proficiency by themselves.
    - The variability of the teacher side was also reduced on a global scale on certain projects, and as a result, the man-hours on the student side after proficiency was also reduced by nearly 40%.