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FJVPS key benefits

FJVPS realizes, improvement of quality and production time of the early period of mass production as well as early improvement with design quality.
The simple operation that even a CAD inexperienced person is usable.

Effect case by FJVPS

Q : Quality improvement

More Details 50-80% of the design error was detected on a virtual prototype beforehand.

More Details The remaining defect item concerning assembly vanished before it approved.

More Details The drawing change rate after approval became 1/6.

More Details Defective assembly was able to be reduced to 1/5 in 1.5 years.

More Details The assembly trouble 80% reduction that was the initial goal was achieved in four years.

C : Productivity enhancement and cost reduction


More Details The start-up period of the prototype was able to be adjusted to 1/15.

More Details The development period was shortened to six months, and the development cost was reduced to 1/2.

More Details FJVPS harness option was used, and the design period was able to be moved up for one month.

D : Shortening at lead time and period

making the work
procedure manual

More Details The man-hour of making the work procedure manual has been reduced by 30-40%.

More Details Communication between design and other business segment have been improved.

More Details Suggestions for improvement (ex. Mechanism operation, assembly, and check of serviceability) became possible without a real machine.

More Details The metal mold correction cost was reduced by half by the front-loading by FJVPS.