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X-Management Software Solution

Specialized Data Linkage and Integration Support for Pharmaceutical Companies

During the course of clinical trials, it is absolutely critical to have the ability to quickly search for, convert, and manage essential data. This is especially true of product safety information and clinical data. In addition, regulatory requirements make it difficult to efficiently detect and record issues in a timely manner and to take prompt and appropriate action without failing to prevent the recurrence of those same issues. Trial-related communication becomes even more complex when multiple geographic locations and/or CROs are involved.

Integrate, Link, and Combine Data with X-Management

The tsClinical X-Management solution provides seamless links between various departments and business systems related to new drug development. It provides Pharma covigilance Departments, Clinical Development Departments, IT Departments, and other teams with a collaboration environment where vital information can be shared, managed, and reused.

With X-Management organizations can:

  • easily accumulate, search for, and track converted data
  • simplify mapping conversion definitions
  • reduce maintenance burdens
  • have access to the support necessary to meet validation requirements

Features and Benefits of the X-Management Software Solution

  • "As Is" Data Accumulation: The system's Clinical Repository stores data converted on the Clinical Service Bus in an XML format, accumulates data in a recordable manner, and provides a function to search the accumulated data. Because data in XML format can be stored without index, the solution obviates the need to design detailed indexes.
  • Fast Conversion Functionality: Data that is specific to drug development (i.e., safety information or clinical data) can be quickly converted into a standardized format such as CDISC.
  • Validation Assurance: The conversion program is also applied to computer system validation. Clients always have a direct connection to the validation support they need to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Familiar Operational Environment: X-Management provides users with services in a secure and private SaaS environment by simply connecting to the internet via Internet Explorer.
  • Affordability: The solution's original patented compression technology enables the system to reduce disk usage, thereby reducing the cost it takes to store and manage data.
  • Stable Search Performance: Even if there is a large amount of data, the solution's Clinical Repository is able to maintain high search performance. The powerful search function can refer to information of defined and stored data and can access targeted files by filtering according to search criteria based on category definition information.
  • Multiprocessing Functionality: Patented concurrent multiprocessing capabilities enable the system to process multiple requests at once and still provide stable search performance.