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Fujitsu Life Science Solutions — IT-enabled Process Change for Better Outcomes

The Problems Faced by Life Science Providers

As medical costs continue to rise worldwide, life science providers are having increased difficulty delivering affordable healthcare. Compound this with the rapid rise of countless chronic illnesses and conditions that have risen to near epidemic levels. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other ailments are ever-changing and are increasing on a global scale.

Fujitsu's Solutions to Life Science Dilemmas

While Fujitsu is responsive to these global issues, we still maintain an awareness of local market dynamics and demonstrate the ability to provide life science solutions accordingly. With a proven track record and deep understanding of vertical market needs, Fujitsu is able to optimize the patient experience through IT-enabled change. Fujitsu offers real solutions that are tailored to suit clients' individual, cross-disciplinary needs by relying on specialization in product design and manufacturing and previous high performance in application and systems integration.

Why Choose Fujitsu Healthcare Life Science Solutions?

  • Fujitsu has proven business expertise in life sciences industries and a tradition of excellence in system application and integration. Since entering the life sciences market in the 1980s with package software development in the drug design field, Fujitsu has accumulated a considerable amount of experience in providing IT solutions that add value to customers' enterprises and help clients be more competitive and make more informed decisions.
  • Offering integrated care concepts that bridge various medical disciplines, Fujitsu provides more than 60 solution packages that cover complete business areas, such as drug discovery, R&D, and sales. With a wide range of technologies and specialized product design and manufacturing, Fujitsu possesses the flexibility to address rising costs while promoting new, effective life science solutions.
  • Fujitsu has the strongest market presence for medical IT in Japan, with approximately 300 system engineers for life sciences companies and support for the large and mid-size enterprises. For medical institutions such as university hospitals, municipal hospitals, and hospital complexes, Fujitsu's market share is approximately 50%. In addition, our global presence-combined with an ability to react locally-gives Fujitsu a comprehensive knowledge of vertical market needs.
  • Our widespread experience in CSV-related information systems development and integration in GxP areas includes CTMS, CDMS, EDC and Statistics, PV, and CTD/eCTD-related areas utilizing EMC Documentum ECM suites. Fujitsu also has strong expertise in non-CSV information systems and business applications development and integration such as CRM, SFA, BI/DWH, Scientific information retrieval, intellectual properties management, and so on.
  • Fujitsu's benefit-driven approach to the design and delivery of programs ensures an effective and comprehensive project lifecycle from the lab to the patient's bedside.

Fujitsu Life Science Solutions

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