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FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Parking Analysis

FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Parking Analysis

Population growth invariably results in an increase of various traffic and parking issues. In particular, efficient use of parking areas has become more important, in order to ease traffic congestion. Fujitsu's GREENAGES Parking Analysis Solution reduces driver stress with its advanced parking management capability, based on cutting-edge image analysis technologies. The solution offers sensing, video management and analysis, parking management and the provision of information to drivers. Empty parking bays are automatically detected using a camera network. By incorporating Milestone XProtect® VMS, which can interface with the GREENAGES Parking Analysis Solution, it becomes easy to connect to many types of cameras. This makes it possible to use existing camera networks. Parking administrators gain better visibility of actual occupancy rates and can use the data when planning service improvements. Drivers are guided to the closest available parking bays in real time for a more convenient driving experience.

Case Scenario at car park

Use case in an open car park



  • Car Park Monitoring
  • Mobile Navigation