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Related Links to the Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution

The Fujitsu AIT Solution



Image of datasheet of RFID Tags

The requirements for RFID tags (such as size, weight, read range, support for metals and memory size) vary depending on the deployment scenario. To meet individual needs, Fujitsu provides a full range of RFID tags such as RFID integrated labels, the world's highest memory-capacity 64 KB RFID tag, a 8 KB high-memory tag, as well as low-memory tags. RFID integrated labels comply with Airbus ABS1860 internal standard developed for the AIRBUS Traceability Project.

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RFID Integrated Label

RFID Integrated Label

Fujitsu RFID Integrated Labels provide all the functionality and flexibility to create your own ATA Spec 2000-compliant identification labels for aerospace parts. These also meet SAE AS5678 and GS1 EPCglobal Gen 2 standards that are used throughout the aerospace industry.
The labels support RFID, bar code and text that can be used on metal and non-metal materials. Available in three physical sizes: large, medium and small. Each size comes with two memory options, 1 KB and 8 KB, to meet all kinds of item identification needs.

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RFID Label Design and Encoding Management Pro

RFID Label Design and Encoding Management Pro

Fujitsu's RFID Label Design and Encoding Management Pro software gives aerospace manufacturers, parts suppliers, MROs and airlines everything they need to design, populate and error-check part ID labels for RFID printer/encoders. These labels are ATA Spec 2000 and Department of Defense Unique Identification (UID)-compliant.
Pre-built templates ensure that labels include the right fields and follow the right data formats, while high-level interfaces can extract data directly from Oracle, SAP and other enterprise systems to minimize data entry requirements and avoid errors.

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RFID Data Management Pro

RFID Data Management Pro

Fujitsu's RFID Data Management Pro makes it easy to capture ATA records and other data from standard RFID tags using mobile computers or fixed-position readers. Single, dual and multiple record data formats defined in the latest ATA Spec 2000 are all supported.
These enhanced data management capabilities can support many automated work processes to improve accuracy and save recordkeeping time for production, maintenance, inspection, authentication, inventory management and other processes.

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RFID Tracking Pro

Image of datasheet of RFID Tracking Pro

RFID Tracking Pro provides the foundation for introducing RFID data collection and management to enterprise operations. It is highly scalable and configurable so you can quickly create new RFID-enabled business processes without ripping out and replacing the systems you already have: RFID Tracking Pro comes with the tools to develop RFID-enabled work processes and integrate them with your legacy systems. It also gives you a headstart for rapid RFID deployment by providing the fundamental modules for part tracking and validation.

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RFID and Sensor Solution

Image of datasheet of RFID and Sensor Solution

Fujitsu offers you the most advanced RFID technologies as a "one-stop-shop" solution, integrating products with software, including various types of RFID tags, readers and applications, as well as system integration and deployment services, utilizing our partnership with world leading AIT suppliers. You will get easy set up and stable operation, while managing your assets in cost-effective, timely and efficient manner.

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The AIT Solution

The AIT Solution

Fujitsu provides Automated Identification Technologies(AIT) Solutions utilizing RFID and Sensor technologies for various industries such as Aerospace or Automobile. This video shows how Fujitsu AIT Solutions increase visibility of each individual part and its information to streamline business operations, reduce costs, and bring innovation.
> CLICK HERE to watch "Fujitsu RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution"

The AIT Solution for Helicopter Operations

The AIT Solution for Helicopter Operations

Fujitsu provides Automated Identification Technologies (AIT) Solution utilizing RFID and Sensor technologies for various industries such as Aviation. This video shows how Fujitsu AIT Solution helps helicopter operators to optimize their work while reducing human errors. The Solution provides innovative systems: flight management, maintenance support and parts management. These systems together streamline operations and reduce costs, i.e., increase the competitiveness of helicopter operators.
> CLICK HERE to watch "Fujitsu RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution for Helicopter"