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Fujitsu TRIOLE

The exciting new concept of industrialized IT infrastructures is being embraced and discussed by IT businesses all over the world. In Fujitsu, however, it is already a reality.

TRIOLE is based on a Japanese automobile industry practice by which components and processes are continually refined and standardized so that they can be re-used in many different applications.

This concept applies to most organizations, because approximately 80% of IT infrastructures are generic. Regardless of the industry, most business IT infrastructures have a database, need backups, carry out transactions, and use a network. Services are needed to support the IT infrastructure functions.

When you use TRIOLE industrialized components (including services) for these functions, you know that your core infrastructure has already been verified and will work the first time. As a proven method, it will also fail less often, make you more agile, save money up front and throughout its life.

TRIOLE is unique to Fujitsu and has been in use for several years in Japan. This means you can buy industrialized IT now, but only from Fujitsu. Other industrialization approaches are on the drawing board.

TRIOLE Development Process - Step 1 -

In response to customer demand, we begin by designing, bench testing and refining an infrastructure solution that includes hardware, software, connectivity and service support. This is the same process that conventional IT businesses would follow when making a built-from-scratch IT solution. We ensure that it works from the first time it is used.

We define this infrastructure solution as a Solution Build Model (SBM).
With an SBM, you can develop stable systems, reduce costs through pre-verification, and ensure that the system works from the first time it is used.
We define Packaged Solutions as SBM tuned for specific applications. A Packaged Solution is a complete and proven solution for a specific application or functionality that has already been designed, tested, and packaged.

TRIOLE Development Process - Step 2 -

Where we perceive that multiple demands will benefit particular solution, we create a template. The template defines a model and makes all or part of the Solution Build Model repeatable and modular. A template makes the models more rigid, providing well-defined procedures that are documented in key-stroke detail, leaving no room for human error.

Further development may include virtualization or automation and the template may also be used to create a discrete IT product.
By using a template, your company can develop a robust and secure system with reduced costs through pre-verification.
Furthermore, your systems can respond flexibly and repeatedly to change.

TRIOLE Development Process - Step 3 -

All infrastructures need services and support. TRIOLE industrializes these requirements too, so that they are predictable, consistent and compliant with the highest global standards. We define it as a Services Management Framework and it is as efficient, dependable and agile as any other outputs of the TRIOLE process.

The standardization provided by a Services Management Framework ensures that your new system will require less maintenance and effort.
You can also reduce operational cost while enabling standardized service delivery.

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