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Fujitsu Middleware powered by Windows Azure

Fujitsu middleware that can be deployed and executed on Windows Azure Platform.

Products line up

FUJITSU Software Interstage Application Server Standard-J Edition

The world's first commercial Java application execution platform available on Windows Azure.

  • Interstage Application Server is a Java application platform which enables the deployment and execution of Java enterprise applications on the Windows Azure Platform. Interstage Application Server enables Java and .NET applications to execute side by side in the same Windows Azure datacenter.
  • Interstage Application Server has a proven track record in the Enterprise Application Server marketplace and has been successfully deployed in many mission critical systems worldwide.
  • Interstage Application Server is based on leading-edge technologies and provides a highly-reliable, highly-scalable business platform for customers.
  • Interstage Application Server supports the latest Open Source Software and international Java standards.
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FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Operation Manager V1 powered by Windows Azure

Job management software available on Windows Azure

  • Systemwalker Operation Manager provides job scheduling and operation automation functions which enables customers to manage both on-premise systems as well as those applications deployed to Windows Azure.
  • Systemwalker Operation Manager's job automation capability for the Windows Azure environment can be used as add-on software to existing batch processing systems, including other vendors' job scheduler software.
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FUJITSU Software NetCOBOL for .NET

NetCOBOL is a development environment that deploys COBOL applications to Windows Azure.

  • NetCOBOL is an open-platform COBOL development environment and COBOL runtime for Windows Azure.
  • NetCOBOL on Windows Azure lets COBOL applications utilize the latest cloud-based technologies.
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  • Alchemy Solutions, our business partner, helps you achieve the Mission-Critical Systems using NetCOBOL. Contact Alchemy Solutions Open a new window.

Press Release

Fujitsu Launches New Line of Windows Azure-compatible Middleware Products Worldwide Open a new window
July 29, 2011


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