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High-speed File Transfer

Achieving high speed, high reliability and high security information sharing at the global business scene.

High Speed File Transfer Solutions BI.DAN-GUN


Increase efficiency of file transfer by 70%-90%

Maintain transfer speed despite poor quality of line

Reflexively adjust data transmission based on available bandwidth

Automatically send files to branch when master file is modified

Easily deploy and upgrade to base points across the world

English or Japanese tech support is available

Use Case

R&D Business (Multiple site PDM collaboration)

  • Support multi-site design collaboration by mirror function of BI.DAN-GUN.

Sales Business

  • Support distributing e-catalog or visual data to the world wide sales offices.

Manufacturing & maintenance

  • Support distributing engineering data or maintenance manual to BRICs with high reliability and high security.

Operational Environment

Operational Environment

Hardware, OS, Network, and other requirements