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Advanced Process Technologies

Technology Roadmap

The scaling of processing technology of semiconductors has come down to the deep submicron nodes, and volume production of 28 nm semiconductors has already been started. Fujitsu Semiconductor is working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) for the manufacturing of 40 nm process and further. By the synergetic effect of the world's best manufacturing capability of TSMC and the quality control system and design engineering ability of Fujitsu Semiconductor, we will continue to lead the LSI industry in design and manufacture of cutting-edge custom SoCs of 28 nm process and beyond.

Product Lineup

For the most-advanced technologies from 28 nm to 0.18 ┬Ám, information on the ASIC products best suited for the customer's products are provided.

CS402 Series CS401 Series CS302 Series CS251 Series CS201 Series CS101 Series CG88 Series

Standard cell

The Standard cells, by optimizing chip sizes, realize LSIs with higher integration and performance than macro-embedded cell arrays.

Embedded array

On the gate arrays, macros whose sizes are optimized at the transistor level can be implemented, realizing high-performance LSIs. A wide range of frames can be offered to the customers.

Gate array

Chips where transistors (basic cells) are regularly placed are prepared. In them, only routing is provided. Thus, Gate arrays feature shorter development time.