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Let Fujitsu put your retail business on the map

When it comes to linking retailing hardware with software no one does it better than Fujitsu. Our comprehensive Retail Solutions make it easier for you to serve customers better, and ultimately retain their business. These Solutions are backed by Fujitsu's global network of maintenance and support.

The Point of Service (POS) Solution

Fujitsu's TeamPoS terminals are easily installed and provide unparalleled flexibility, in a compact, non-intrusive design. Accompanied by an intuitive user interface, Fujitsu's TeamPoS terminals can easily be set up for multilingual operations.

TeamPoS 7000 M-Series
TeamPoS 7000 A-Series

TeamPoS A10

The Mobile Solution

Fujitsu's lineup of mobile terminals ensures comprehensive storage and back office support to your operations, with accurate ordering, inspections, inventory and other tasks.


The Airline Printer Solution

Highest reliability, lowest TCO airline printer in the industry.

F9860 (ATB1 / BTP / GPP)
F9850 (ATB1 / BTP)

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