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On-Premise Model Case 1: Government office

Integrated management of survey results from local governments around Japan. Rapid development of high-security systems.

Business category Government office
Used for National survey data management
System-building time 3 months

Reasons for choosing Customer Relationship Management System

  • Could be installed quickly
  • Can respond flexibly according to survey content.
  • Can assure a high level of security.

Operation Flow

Before and After Customer Relationship Management System Deployment

Before   After
  • As requirements were still being discussed until just before the launch, there was not enough time for building a system.
  • Could build the system while deliberations on the requirements were ongoing and was able to complete it in a short time (about 3 months).
  • Needed to safely manage the vast amount of data gathered from around Japan.
  • Built a system that is secure and has high availability.
  • Survey content is optimized as needed, and it was necessary to respond flexibly to such changes.
  • Through the user-customizable functionality, survey contents can be changed in a flexible manner.


FUJITSU Enterprise Application Customer Relationship Management System brochure (500 KB/A4, 5 pages)