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Cloud Model Case 3: Education

Record survey results and use them for aggregation and analysis.

Business category Education
Used for Questionnaire survey results management
Number of licenses used 5
System-building time 1 months

Reasons for choosing Customer Relationship Management System

  • No servers were necessary on the client side.
    Did not need to build a system from scratch.
  • Can efficiently collect and consolidate information.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.

Operation Flow

Before and After Customer Relationship Management System Deployment

Before   After
  • We had felt uneasy as we had no experience of using cloud services.
  • Could be installed quickly while checking with prototypes made based on questionnaire forms.
  • Outsourcing the entry and tabulating of the questionnaire survey results incurred significant costs.
  • Through the use of the cloud service and students' cooperation, we could reduce costs and the labor needed for system building.
  • Entering results using software such as Excel left room for data inconsistencies and other issues.
  • There were no reports of issues from the personnel in charge of data entry, and registration work was carried out without problems.


FUJITSU Enterprise Application Customer Relationship Management System brochure (500 KB/A4, 5 pages)