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Cloud Model Case 1: Manufacturing (medical equipment)

Integrated management of inquiries at a contact center. Higher work efficiency and smoother information-sharing with related parties.

Business category Manufacturing (medical equipment)
Used for Call center inquiry management
Number of licenses used 15
Deployment time 3 months

Reasons for choosing Customer Relationship Management System

  • Had experience in installing CRM systems in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Can keep installation costs low and start easily.

Operation Flow

Before and After Customer Relationship Management System Deployment

Before   After
  • Needed multiple entries for reception charts and creating reports.
  • Data in Customer Relationship Management System is exported in CSV format and used to eliminate the need for multiple entries.
  • Each member of staff was burdened with many tasks and there was an urgent need for operational efficiency.
  • Desired information can be searched for instantaneously, allowing for prompt response when dealing with customers.
  • When away from office, sales reps were unable to check the details of inquiries in advance.
  • Information can be checked from mobile devices, allowing for problem-free customer service activities.


FUJITSU Enterprise Application Customer Relationship Management System brochure (500 KB/A4, 5 pages)