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FUJITSU Enterprise Application
Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System is a CRM solution that flexibly gathers and shares a wide range of information, and in this way supports our customers' business across all areas, from customer service and marketing to customer management and information gathering across multiple sites.

What is Customer Relationship Management System?

Customer Relationship Management System allows for the easy gathering and sharing of various information.
The standard inquiries and business negotiations management features promote prompt and on-target customer service, ensuring greater customer satisfaction.
Additionally, by creating your own original screen layouts, it is easy to manage the information you wish to gather and share.

Customer Benefits

Freedom when Prototyping

The system operation can be tested out and any issues can be resolved in advance, allowing for streamlined installation.

Easy Customization

You can easily change the screen layouts yourself to flexibly accommodate any changes in your business operations.


Because the solution is composed of Fujitsu Group products, we can provide you with speedy technical support.

Why Fujitsu ?

  • Over 300 customers have chosen Fujitsu for their CRM solution, which has resulted in a broad track record and more than 60 business templates that extensively accommodate customer needs across a variety of industries and that can be speedily deployed.
  • Fujitsu possesses extensive knowledge gained through a wealth of experience in the CRM field.

Case Study

This section provides case studies showing how our customers have benefited from using Customer Relationship Management System.

Examples of Possible Operations by Business Category

This section provides business examples by industry which can benefit you in your business.

System Requirements

This section explains Customer Relationship Management System's operating environment.

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