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Features and Benefits

Open Source Based Database System

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is strongly compliant with SQL:2008 and also supports all the major features of SQL:2011. These features include: Full ACID compliance, inheritance, database server clustering, Unicode, MVCC, point in time recovery, asynchronous replication, locale-aware, nested transactions, and is compatible with all major operating systems.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres extends those features with the following:

check One-click backup and recovery
check Secure 256-bit transparent data encryption (PCI-DSS compliant)
check Data masking
check Vertical Clustered Index (VCI) (*)
check WAL duplication
check DB mirroring controller
check Enhanced Oracle® compatibility for simple migration
check Enhanced GUI for cluster management
check System usage statistics

* VCI is a technology of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

High performance is synonymous with enterprise solutions; FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres leverages as many technological advances as possible to deliver enterprise quality performance.

Easy and cost effective migration


FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has been designed to be fully compatible with the Open Source PostgreSQL database, and also offers enhanced compatibility when migrating from existing DBMS systems.

Previously, migration has proved problematic and in many cases been avoided due to the high workload and expenditure required. This problem is resolved by significantly reducing migration time so that budget restraints and business disruption are no longer a concern; the migration process has now become much more streamlined.

Database Migration Assessment is the first step for migration. The service provides a clear picture of what is required to migrate your database to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. You’ll also find out how much you can save by migrating to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

The Database Migration Assessment consists of three simple steps:
1. The customer provides the database schema files and the application source code.
2. Fujitsu performs the migration analysis.
3. A database migration assessment report will be produced.

Enhanced system integration


The utilization of PostgreSQL technology enables integration with a wide range of software bundles, information utilization systems, development tools, and application runtime environments. Meaning that investing in additional software systems in addition to any migration costs is no longer a consideration. User disruption is also avoided due to the ability to retain software products that users are already familiar with.

High Reliability and Easy to Use


Smart recovery


If a database problem occurs or if data is accidentally deleted, recovery can be performed with a single click, so there is no need for technical user intervention.  

Redundancy and secure data encryption


Redundancy and secure data encryption (PCI-DSS compliant 256-bit encryption) are available for achieving high reliability and asset protection that is synchronous with your data management strategy.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres comes with Transparent Data Encryption out of the box; you are not required to purchase additional products to gain this functionality like some other proprietary DBMS products.  

 Enterprise data security

High Availability Options


High availability (HA) is not just about keeping a server up and running. High Availability requirements can be different from organization to organization or even system to system. Some organizations put a high emphasis on data durability, some on system reliability, and others on performance stability.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has the flexibility to be configured to meet all of the different HA requirements that an organization might have. An organization can utilize the many open source and third party products available for Open Source PostgreSQL with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, maintaining that flexibility to modify storage architecture without being “Locked-in”.  

Reduction of database design and implementation expenditure


FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres employs a minimal setup process based on optimized resource deployment. The setup process performs dynamic hardware resource detection during installation and the software is automatically tuned with the customer’s server configuration. Using this method the parameter and backup settings are all completed during the deployment of the system.

This simplified installation and setup process allows FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres to be implemented within a very efficient time frame.

Fujitsu Support


Fujitsu is part of the PostgreSQL Open Source community and makes contributions not only to PostgreSQL, but many Open Source projects. The FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres division works in unison with the Support Division to provide a permanently aligned best-of-breed support service.

Long-term standard support is provided for a period of five years, starting from the end of the sales phase for the product release. In addition, an extended support option is also available to customers for ongoing assurance, so that future support and system confidence is a guaranteed business outcome.