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FUJITSU Software Interstage eXtreme Transaction Processing Server


Key-Value (Fast Responses for Transactions)

In-memory distributed cache technology eliminates disk Input/Output and improve application performance within microseconds.

Key-Value format for data management (searching and updating) reduce complexity of accessing data from the application.

UDP communications assures high-speed response for highly dependable communications.

High System Availability

Service interruptions during server downtime are minimized and data will not be lost by dual or triple redundancy data management.

Data coherency is assured when cache is manipulated from an application or when a communication error occurs, as processing is carried out at the server where the data was transmitted from.

Data updates are reflected asynchronously to RDBMS. Updated data can be copied in RDBMS with no impact to application performance.

Easy System Expansion

Storage memory capacity is easily increased by adding servers. The system can be extended without upgrading the application by Data storage virtualization.